February 25, 2020

24 Minimalism Bright Yellow Nails for You in This Summer

Once there was a time when the girls were not that much into nail designs. But, nowadays, this is an integrated part of their day to day lifestyle. Nail designs get equal and, sometimes, more important than their outfits. There is no rule book about which color you should use, most of the colors wear a color that goes with our personalities, the occasions and the outfits and ornaments we are wearing. If you are searching for anything that is yellow, you have come to the right place. In such hot summer, I really advise you to try the color of yellow for your nails.


The color yellow is bright and cheerful and can lift your spirits while making you optimistic. When yellow nails, you can be bold, creative, and subtle with yellow. Some would like to try more luminous hues while others love the sun color of yellow. Go with daring yellow colors or combine with ombre designs. in addition, you can try neon nails if you want it bright and colorful. Those neon yellow nail designs can be worn as summer nails too. Also you can coordinate your lips with that to have matching makeup. What’s more, a simple yellow flower can be drawn on the nails. You can try this design for your favorite nails. But the thing about use of yellow on nails is that it comes with a caution. You are supposed to pick out the shade of yellow with care. This means that you have to pick a shade that does not clash in bad way with the color of your skin. But there is no need to despair; there are indeed many shades and types of yellow nail paints to choose from.

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Yellow nails are something not every girl will be brave enough to try, right? There are so many more common nail polish shades! You may try not just a regular yellow color, but also yellow nail art designs in such shades as “canary”, “corn” “pineapple” “lemon”, “daffodil” and even “sand dollar yellow”. Intrigued? Check the photos above!