February 25, 2020

28 Exquisite Braided Hairstyle For Both Long And Short Hair!

Braids are the universal tools for hair world that can handle any occasion, from cocktail party to formal ceremony. It is easy for you to make an exquisite hairstyle with just some simple braids, and believe me or not, those hairstyles will never be out of fashion. Below are 28 excellent ideas of braided hairstyle that are worth considering.


If you are still disturbed by your messy flyaway hair and having trouble making complicated hairstyle, try braids! They are not only easy to make, but also can effectively keep your hair neat. Once being done, they are hard to be messed up. There are some well selected easy braided hairstyles suitable for both long hair and medium hair– the classic Waterfall Braid, graceful Half-up Braid, dignified Crown Braid, nifty Double Dutch Braid, Pull-through Braid Ponytail, Fishtail Braid and so on. And don’t you ever think that braided hairstyles are privileges for only long and medium hair! There are also plenty of braided hairstyles that perfectly suits short hair girls, such as Half-up Braid and wonderful Sided Braid. You can never imagine how cool you will be until you try it! It doesn’t matter if you have curly or straight, long or short, black or colorful hair, braids will be outstanding choice!

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It just takes a little innovation or some small changes, you will get your unique braided hairstyle. Adding some small hair accessories, you will look extraordinarily good. So what are you waiting for? Go through those pictures, choose your favorite and be ready to amaze everyone! Hope our ideas will be helpful for you!