February 25, 2020

32 Glamourous Matte Manicure Ideas For Mature Women!

Usually, the manicure we do are steel seal layer which will be shiny. But if we use a frosted seal layer, then the effect which is made of mist surface effect will be very unique. Below we’ve selected 32 gorgeous matte manicure ideas that will be perfect for mature women.


The effect of matte will let the original nail show a very artistic temperament, although not so shiny, it has a unique charm. This feeling can only be experienced by people who have done it before. Texture of mist face is very decorous and fashionable, and it has a kind of low-key beauty. Like lipsticks have smooth feeling and mist face feeling, different girls have different pursuit of the quality. So the appearance of matte manicure perfectly satisfies different girls’ pursuit. Small and fresh grid nail will be more charming than the smooth surface if adding the effect of matte. Pure color nail, originally common style, will be very chic and attractive if making the effect of mist surface.

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To get a frosted manicure, you need to do a certain amount of preparation. For example, you should choose the style which must be suitable for you and should be selected based on the color of your hands and your specific needs. With this kind of preparation in advance, you’ll be more likely to succeed and gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence as you go through the process.