February 25, 2020

32 Gorgeous Marble Nail Design Ideas That Will Make Your Fingertips Attractive!

Gorgeous nail designs are always irresistible attractions for girls who are keen on manicures. We are always ready to try new beauty trend, right? So today we’re so happy to introduce you 32 awesome marble nail design ideas that you may want to try, do not miss them!

The most common two marble nail designs are white base coat and black base coat. After applying the base, cover your nails with white polish and add some black thin marble lines. Soften the edges and repeat the procedure, adding some sparkles to the design, then you will get wonderful white base marble nails. Black base marble nails have the same procedure but change the color. Of course, not always white and black are base colors for the marble design. Blue, pink, green and any other color you could come up with will be good choices, too. They will make your marble nail designs unique and novel. Spark your creativity, it is always encouraged to try new things.

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Always make sure that your marble nail all looks a little messy to create a natural texture. Besides all these, add some metallic shimmer can bring amazing effect to your manicure. Did those awesome marble nail designs touch your heart? If so, do not just stay in front of the screen! Act now!