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It’s a new day again! We will want new look, new mood! Then, shall we start from our fingertips? There are so many kinds of beautiful nail designs waiting for you to choose! How exciting it could be! But first, you may start from choosing a decent color!


This is nice season, nice day. And our mood should also be bright! Why not choose a bright color that matches your mood the best? As you can see, those brilliant examples have already provided great color choices for you! Bright orange, bright yellow, bright blue and green! These are classic bright colors! Pure white and beige can also create amazing effect! If you find that these colors are all so incredible that you can not choose one out of them, you can just make every one of your nails different color! They are not contradictory with each other. Or, you should try color patch which is so popular nowadays among nail designs!

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Bright color nails are always the first option for outgoing girls. They are cute and somehow can release your mood. Anyway I am already obsessed with the charming effect these pretty nail designs bring, how about you? If you are in for them too, do not forget to try them some day!