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It’s October, which means that Halloween celebrations are coming, so I think it’s time to decide what Halloween makeup you’re going to wear this year. Halloween is fun because no matter how old we are, we can pretend to be what we want without worrying that others will think we are crazy. Whether you like monsters, clowns, or even skeleton Halloween makeup, you can find your favorite makeup ideas in this blog.

For making a Halloween make-up, generally, you will use some be bright colors of cosmetics. But I don’t recommend that you spend money on brightly colored cosmetics(which are useless in daily life) for Halloween. You can try body paint, which is cheaper and better than cosmetics. Bright colors can easily attract attention on Halloween day.

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I prefer Halloween makeup that would be scary but not make me look ugly. For example, cat makeup and clown makeup, they can make people creepy, but also cute. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll find good inspiration here. Read on to see the rest of the makeup ideas.